In the Seasons impacted by  Covid  We discovered the great strength 
Of our collaboration with larger historic and educational institutions.  
While Covid shuttered our own onsite programs, it led to enriched events 

Online, our attendees had no in-person risk ---
And no long drives to programs through rush hour traffic either!

We identified individual interests and arranged access to a wide spectrum
of University keynote lectures by noted authorities in their fields.

Rarer still, we took you into a highly privileged audience for the 
National Academy of Sciences’ panel discussions 
These resources took members into the labs of 
distinguished international research and pharmaceutical teams.
We all celebrated with the scientific community 
the remarkable scientific achievements and collaborations 
brought about by this otherwise dark cloud Pandemic.
We missed the ‘neighborliness’ of seeing you at events but we were so grateful
to have a way to say thank you via our collaborative organizations' making
these unusual Seasons of Access possible.
Our  Rancho Boca de Santa Monica book by Historian Ernest Marquez was published by Angel City Press. Introduced to La Senora friends and neighbors at the 1840s era Rancho Cemetery on a beautiful afternoon, volumes of this limited edition book were happily snapped up
to soon become out-of-print Collector's items.
Tile Restoration Progress  

Having the botanical gardens closed allowed us to commence the restoration of the historic encaustic tiles of the patios.  A key focus for two years commenced with the
lifting rows of raised tiles and starting the repair of cracks.