In 2022, as our volunteers began the job of rebuilding memberships
          after two years of no onsite events at La Senora's Hacienda,
          our joint programming with larger collaborative organizations
                                         was of great benefit.
         All of this amazing substitute online programming access of 2022 was provided 
                      at no cost to our long-term supporters.  Members listened to increasingly 
                      diverse lectures in 2022 when we all realized we could decide to attend
                                           at the last minute from our own living rooms. 
Because you have proven your support for La Senora’s mission,
we hope the Matching Grants below will give you extra incentive to support us
Two of our Donors are Offering Challenge Grants
AV Systems: Donations made toward upgrading the audio visual
                                used for lectures, film, and concerts will be matched up to $2500                                                     
Restoration of Historic Tile - Our priceless 1930s Encaustic Clay Tiles were
breaking. Restoration work took place all three summers as we waited for the end of Covid.
We have been so fortunate to have sizeable donations from
other non-profits interested in seeing our one-of-a-kind tiles preserved.
We started reserving funds in 2019 for this task.
Under this Challenge Grant donations will be matched up to $15,000.
Yes, of course, we’ll do another Tile Lecture in 2023
Our Lecturer, Cristi Walden, is an ardent supporter!
On Giving Tuesday. if you wish to give to these, or any other La Senora program, our PayPal and/or credit card link allows you to specify your donation's purpose.
ll of us receive many pleas for support on this special day 
           We know you must make choices - We hope La Senora is one of them