Concerts - Classical & Jazz
La Senora's Concerts are coveted summer season events reflected on our Calendar Page in June, July and August.  The Concerts cover two key historical eras:

Early 1930s: In remembrance of Jose Mojica --a famous Mexican opera star who built our Hacienda with its acoustically perfect Salon to 'showcase his talent' --La Senora conducts an annual Classical Music Chamber Series under the direction of our Music Director, Ray Dean Mize.

Mid 30's - 1950s: But the Hacienda has always been filled with music and it wasn't all classical! When the Loos Family purchased the property from Mojica, Screen Writer Anita Loos entertained her friends on a grand scale. It was the mid 1930's -- during which Santa Monica Canyon was to become world-famousfor its"Salon Era" where writers, composers, philosophers and scientist expatriates including Huxley and Einstein intermingled. The "Gershwin Boys" and Cole Porter all took their turn at Anita's piano during those afternoons.In fond remembrance, today, La Senora's Cabaret Suppers of Latin, Jazz and Classics showcase our young professional artists in that same Salon.
      •    Those with little formal knowledge of music are especially welcome at these concerts as we gently introduce them to the great composers and genres.
    •    Concerts have extensive program notes to educate the audience on the composer, the era or the music being presented.
    •    Audiences love our Season Finales - a summer evening with music in the gardens.

Please follow our Concert activities on our Calendar page. There you will find descriptions, dates, and venues.   (There you will also find information on our historic lectures, small group tours, youth programs and film screenings.)  To find the concerts at Collaborative Organizations this is your man, Jim Eninger
And to ensure you are having fun............. 


For those of you who might be somewhat new to live  classical music - here's a delightful link to introduce you to the wonderful world of concerts.  La Senora's Chamber Concerts are much more intimate than attending at a symphony hall, but much of the rest is the same.  Our thanks go to John Steinmetz for this leafelet.
Aside from our calendar, there is one fairly recent concert that warrants describing on this page as we are in the process of finding a much larger venue to repeat it.  It speaks to the 'heart of Los Angeles and its music history".  A highly acclaimed afternoon devoted exclusively to Los Angeles Composer, William Grant Still.  His full range of genres were portrayed with the programming covering Blues, Jazz, Folkloric, Classical, Opera and culminating in Gospel.  A highlight of the afternoon was for the audience to hear from La Senora Academic Fellow, Elizabeth Waldo with whom Still had collaborated in writing what remains today one of his most popularly performed pieces of music "Danzes de Panama" created from Ms. Waldo's musical notations taken in Panama in the 1920s.  It was a rare experience to hear her stories of herself as a young violinist travelling Latin America in search of 'native sounds' and to see her photos of herself with Still taken at the time the Waldo String Quartet premiered "Danzes" in 1924.