2014 Events


Event: The Huntington Museum & Marquez Collection
Date: February 4
Description: The Huntington Museum makes its largest single acquisition since 1927 in acquiring the noted Ernest Marquez Photograph Collection.
LA Times - Huntington announcement

CBS Evening News announces Huntington Museum Acquisition of Marquez Collection

Event: Pacific Palisades Women's Club Grant Award
Date: March 4
Description: La Senora will receive a grant award from the Pacific Palisades Women's Club to begin restoration work on the historic adobe wall of the 1840s Marquez Family Cemetery.   PPWC has been a consistent supporter of La Senora projects.  In 2013 a grant from PPWC helped to underwrite La Senora's Youth Music Program.

Event: Tying Our World Together - Anthro Film Festival
Date: March 8, 10:20:00 AM
Description: La Senora is thrilled to announce that the Royal Anthropological Society's 13th International Anthro Film Festival will showcase a documentary short film by Dr. Teri Brewer, the Coordinator of La Senora's Academic Fellows Program

Event: Annual Chamber Music Auditions
Date: April 18
Each April La Senora's Director - Chamber Music, Ray Dean Mize, participates in the City-wide outreach program culminating in auditions in Beverly Hills to select artists and ensembles for performance in the coming Seasons of the organizations who participate. This is not only a wonderful advantage for the musicians -- to audition once but have it serve as auditions for all of the participating organizations -- it is also a benefit to La Senora to see and hear, and acquire for our own programs,  the best our region has to offer in young talent.  

Event: Elegance in an Age of Crises
Date: April 18
 Conservadore members of La Senora are invited to the closing of this NY Fashion Institute of Technology exhibition showcasing the fashions of the 1930s. But all La Senora members can open the FIT links into the website created for this exhibition with beautiful examples of the costumes (and much of this fashion is clearly 'costume' for effect).   As you scroll through the pages, note those stylists and designers who opened ateliers or took clients in Los Angeles.  Literally all of those artists were guests at Anita Loos' afternoon Salons where intelligence, creativity and style were the price of admission. Elegance in a Time of Crisis 

Event: Rancho Era Education Program
Date: May 1
 La Senora's 4th grade Rancho Era history program returns for the 7th year.  The winner of the Governor's Award for its contribution to the preservation of cultural history, in 2013 the program was enhanced to include high school honors history classes.  This year's program will take place on two days May 1 and May 7 to accommodate the requests for additional classes to participate. In addition to the two days of education focused on student needs, on May 4th La Senora will present an educational program for the adult community.  Please see details for that program on our May 4th calendar. These educational programs have been partially underwritten by grants from the Squid and Squash Foundation and the Pacific Palisades Optimists Club. 

Event: Cinco de Mayo: U.S. Civil War era Calif. Holiday
Date: May 4, 10:00:00 AM
Description: The true story of the Cinco de Mayo Holiday bears little resemblance to today's celebrations viewed by many as a Mexican Holiday.  Join La Senora in the morning to learn the well documented story of the Californio Juntas who fought a U.S. Civil War battle on multiple fronts -- fighting with the North against the Confederacy; fighting with Juarez against the French; and marshaling California forces to prevent the division of California into two states (divided at the Mason Dixon Line) with Southern California becoming a slave state. Learn about the fundraising technique the Californios used to buy arms, uniforms and send soldiers forth to battle in the name of the preservation of freedom for its citizens. Dr. David Hayes-Bautista, Executive Director of the UC Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture will be giving a series of 20 minute lectures from 10 until noon.  The 10:30 lecture will be in Spanish. Families with children too young to sit still for a 20 minute lecture can come for the 11:30 talk as we'll have volunteers helping with the children playing Mexican games. This free to the public event is sponsored in part by The Squid and Squash Foundation bringing Rancho Era education to the families of our community. 

Rancho Era Education Program 2nd Sessions
Date: May 7
La Senora's 4th grade Rancho Era history program returns for the 7th year.  The winner of the Governor's Award for its contribution to the preservation of cultural history, in 2013 the program was enhanced to include high school honors history classes.  This year's program will take place on two days May 1 and May 7 to accommodate the requests for additional classes to participate. In addition to the two days of education focused on student needs, on May 4th La Senora will present an educational program for the adult community.  These educational programs have been partially underwritten by grants from the Squid and Squash Foundation and the Pacific Palisades Optimists Club. 

Event: The Colburn Youth Orchestra with Maksim Eshkenazy
Date: May 25, 06:00:00 PM
Description: Presented by Sunday's Live, the always free Sunday concerts at LACMA, this evening's program by The Colburn Youth Orchestra will have attendees from La Senora's Youth Concert Program chaired by Volunteer Lesley Holden. 

Event: Royal Passion: Queen Victoria - Photography
Date: June 5
Patron members of La Senora are invited to a small group tour of this remarkable exhibition. Queen Victoria's period of reign covered the initial introduction of photography through the beginning of the 20th Century.  The ways in which she used photographic images to define her role are a key feature of this Collection.   For more general information on the exhibit, please see http://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/victoria/. 

Event: Tribute to Architect John Byers
Date: June 8, 12:00:00 PM
Description: http://www.smconservancy.org/events-programs/special-events/
From noon to 5:00 p.m. volunteers from La Senora will be serving as Docents for our 'sister organization' the Santa Monica Conservancy's celebration of the homes of Santa Monica architect John Byers. The hacienda built for Jose Mojica at La Senora is a wonderful example of Byers understated awareness of the innate beauty of Mexican Colonial architecture.  The conservancy has four Byers homes on its tour.  Hope to see many of our members at this interesting event. 

Event: Felici Trio at MAHMA
Date: June 9
Patron level members of La Senora are invited to attend concerts at a private estate in Malibu dedicated to the arts of music and architecture. 

Event: Citizen Kane at the Orpheum Theater
Date: June 28, 02:00:00 PM
Description: There is also an 8 p.m. screening of this classic film which Hearst (and most of the media) chose to consider was about him and about Marion Davies.  They were not the subjects of this story, and both W.R. and Marion knew that.  (There is a real life subplot to that tale that ended the close friendship of Orson Welles and Marion Davies over this film.) Aside from the personal issues, this film was a ground breaker in many film techniques.  It is even often cited as the best film ever made.  https://www.laconservancy.org/events/june-28-citizen-kane-orpheum-theatre 

 California Art Tiles of the 1930s
Date: July 12
Cristi Walden is returning to La Senora with her keen knowledge of all of the California manufacturers of Art Tiles of the 1930s.  Embedded in the architectural features of the Mojica Hacienda an example of every such manufacturer has been located.  Cristi's talks are always interesting and she brings beautiful examples of an art form that had disappeared until recent artists once again took up the task of finding the right colors and clays and kiln processes for commercial manufacturing in small batches of replica and original design tiles. http://www.eventbrite.com/o/la-senora-research-institute-4221387301

Event: Stokowski Tribute - Cellist Evegeny Tonkha
Date: July 13, 3:30:00 PM
Description: Cellist Evegeny Tonkha, winner of the Gold Medal at the Czech Cello Competition and another First Prize at the 13th International Tchaikovsky Competion has been found by music critics to be one of the finest Russian cellists of his generation. The Program will follow Stokowski's lead in the composers he premiered for American audiences.  https://lasenora-stokowski.eventbrite.com/

 Marc Wanamaker - 75th Anniversary Gone With The Wind
Date: July 15, 7:30:00 PM
Description: Marc Wanamaker is a legend for the vast accumulation of images he acquired for his Bison Archives.  A film buff to the core, Marc will bring photographs of the making of the movie that have never been shown before.  Marc's talk with photos is the 1st of three programs La Senora plans this 75th Anniversary year to highlight former hacienda resident - Art Director Lyle Wheeler who took home one of his Oscars for this film. Lyle's son, Brooke Wheeler, will introduce Gone with the Wind's screening in our theater on July 19th. 


 75th Anniversary Gone With The Wind (GWTW) - screening
Date: July 19, 7:00:00 PM
Description:Former Hacienda resident Lyle Wheeler took home one of his many Oscars for Art Direction on this film.  After translating box office into today's dollars GWTW is estimated to be the largest grossing film ever released! For Lyle Wheeler's simply incredible body of work during the Golden Age of Movies, he was inducted into the Art Directors Guild Hall of Fame. Brooke Wheeler, Lyle Wheeler's son, will introduce the documentary made at the 50th Anniversary of GWTW by Daniel Selznick, son of David Selznick, who was of course the famed Producer.  The documentary "The Making of Gone with the Wind" was filmed   when most of the people involved with the film were still alive to be interviewed.  Letting the documentary take you to the behind the scenes stories,  is true to La Senora's educational purpose. Gone With The Wind holds a special place in the history of movies and  La Senora continues to be grateful to the Wheeler Family for having been intimately involved with our institute since we were in the 'founding documents' stage.   https://lasenora-GWTW.eventbrite.com/  

Event: 3rd Annual Wine Tasting and Art Show
Date: July 27, 03:30:00 PM

Event: Annual Tango on a Summer's Eve Concert
Date: August 2
This is a save the date for those of you who would never miss one of our Tango Concerts.  We are repeating last year's format with the classical roots of Tango performance in the Mojica Music Salon, whose acoustics allow us to be dazzled by the caliber of musicians who come to perform this music that we love.  After an Intermission with refreshments in the Gardens, several instruments will change and we'll finish the evening with a Milonga.  More details will be posted soon on the Eventbrite ticketing site.  http://www.eventbrite.com/o/la-senora-research-institute-4221387301

Event: Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines
Date: August 16, 10:30:00 AM
Description: Concert fundraiser for one of La Senora's constant collaborators, the Idyllwild Arts Academy and summer program; plus arts and crafts, food, and a wine tasting. Idyllwild Arts Campus. Call (951) 500-4090 or go to idyllwildjazz.com for more information.

 Along the Turquoise Trail
Date: August 31, 04:00:00 PM
Description:La Senora is delighted to be a "Friends of the Rancho" for our sister organization's events! Rancho Cordillero del Norte's Fall-Winter Concert Series begins this Sunday, August 31st, with Elisabeth Waldo's incomparable “Along the Turquoise Trail” Concert!  The show begins at 4 PM in the Rancho's theater with a wine reception after the performance.   Tickets are available at http://www.elisabethwaldomusic.com/.    If you go, please let Elisabeth know that you heard about this from La Senora.  We'd go with you but it's our 'Dark Season' when we are busy doing research and planning our 2015 calendar of enticing events for you.

Event: GWTW: The Role Black History played
Date: September 18, 06:30:00 PM
Description: New York University professor Deborah Willis weaves together a narrative of the early years of American photographywith a reading of iconic moments in Gone With The Wind and examines the roleblack history played in producing such a controversial and celebrated cultural phenomenon. Registrants of the Flair Symposium,
 Life During Wartime, 18611865will have reserved seating at this program, which serves as the symposium's keynote address. 

Co-sponsored by the University’s John L. Warfield Center for African and  African American Studies. La Senora Patron level members receive priority entry at this program. 

Event: GWTW: Curator Discussion and Screening of The Making of Gone with the Wind
Date: September 25, 07:00:00 PM
Description: For those few of you who were able to come spend the entire two weeks in Austin to enjoy the talks and tours related to the major exhibition of Gone with the Wind at the Ransom Center, here's the first in our program offerings in Austin. This exhibition follows La Senora's own summer tribute with the lectures of Marc Wanamaker and the screening of "The Making of Gone with the Wind in our theater. while some of you already saw this film at our screening, this talk is worth going to for Steve Wilson's knowledge as the Curator of the entire David O. Selznick Collection at UT's Ransom Center. 

Event: GWTW Gone with the Wind: Why still Relevant to our Society
Date: October 1, 01:00:00 PM
Description: For those La Senora members who have made the trek to Austin to be part of the Ransom Center's Gone with the Wind 75th Anniversary Exhibition and week of special lectures -- we have on hand to welcome and participate with you, La Senora's Executive Director and Brooke Wheeler, son of Lyle Wheeler (who won the Oscar for GWTW's Art Direction). Seventyfive years after its premiere, is Gone With The Wind still relevant? Universityof Texas faculty from the departments of American Studies, English, History, and Radio, Television, and Film discuss Gone With The Wind, the controversy surrounding the film, and its value as a touchstone for theunderstanding of race, gender, sectionalism, and the Civil War in America.
It's an important topic as it looks at issues of race, and how they were dealt with in the film and avoided being dealt with at the Atlanta Premiere of GWTW.  It also looks at why race and how society felt (feels) about strong, independent women like Scarlett.  

Event: Patron Members Private Tour of 75th Gone with the Wind Exhibition
Date: October 6
Description:  Curator of Film Steve Wilson leads a private members-only tour of the exhibition The Making of Gone With The Wind, sharing surprising stories about the film's production that were discovered as he organized the exhibition. Also available to La Senora Members will be Brooke Wheeler, son of Lyle Wheeler who won the Oscar for Best Art Direction for this film. GWTW is the highest grossing film of all time (when receipts adjusted into today's $). It seems to have a universal appeal.  The major 75th Anniversary Exhibition mounted by UT’s Ransom Center runs from mid-September through early December 2014 when Turner Classic Films will screen the film in major theaters.  La Senora Members are participating in all of these events.…..Austin is a great city to visit and La Senora is offering three private rooms with bath to the earliest Patron Level Members who request housing. We’ll also post to our website links to related discussions and papers.   

Event: Panama Canal Centennial at Rancho Cordillero del Norte
Date: November 2, 04:00:00 PM
Description: La Senora Academic Fellow Elizabeth Waldo will have has her guest for this performance the Consul General of Panama celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal with the music and dance of his country. La Senora members from the Westside may meet at 3 p.m. at La Senora to carpool to this celebration.  Our members who wish to go directly to Rancho Cordillero del Norte will be provided directions to the Rancho where there is ample free parking.
 ./docs/Bridge of the Americas.pdf

 GWTW: Fan Mail received by Selznick during making of Gone with the Wind
Date: November 3, 05:00:00 PM
Description: Join us for a members-only program from 5–8 p.m. featuring extended gallery hours and engaging presentations about Gone With The Wind. Film Curatorial Assistant Albert Palacios discusses fan mail in the David O. Selznick collection. Over the course of the production, Selznick's company received thousands of letters, as individuals sought auditions, solicited employment, and protested the production. Selected correspondence is featured in the galleries, as well as in the complementary web exhibition. La Senora Conservadore Supporting Level Members may make reservations at a luxurious Austin estate (space is limited) if they are travelling to Austin to attend this event. 

Event: GWTW: Frankly My Dear - GWTW Revisited
Date: November 19
The 75th Anniversary of Gone with the Wind has been celebrated at La Senora in lectures and screenings and an amazing behind the scenes set of photos from Marc Wanamaker's Bison Archives.  UT Ransom Center has mounted a remarkable exhibition with a series of GWTW events that La Senora members are invited to attend.  Empresario and above supporting members travelling to Austin for these incomparable events are invited on a 'first-come, first served' basis to enjoy accommodations at an Austin estate set in a conservation area. 

 Gone with the Wind Revisited - An analysis of "the book" and "the film"

Event: GWTW: Cooking Class and Brunch
Date: November 19, 11:00:00 AM
 Brunch inspired by Gone With The Wind -- SOLD OUT

Central Market, 4001 North Lamar Enjoy a Southern-style brunch inspired by Gone With The Wind. During the class, Central Market Chef Louis Ortiz demonstrates how to create each dish and provides recipes to take home. The menu includes Aunt Pittypat's cream scones with lemon verbena-infused butter and madeira jelly, Charleston deviled crab cakes, Twelve Oaks barbecued pork ribs, field pea, ham hock, and mustard green soup with cornbread croutons and pickled radish, and Peachtree Street gingerbread cake. Representatives from La Senora and the Ransom Center will be on hand to discuss the exhibition as you enjoy the cooking class. After the class, join us for a docent-led public tour of the exhibition at 2 p.m. at the Ransom Center.

Event: GWTW Caring for the Gone With The Wind Costumes DISCUSSION
Date: DECEMBER 2, 7 P.M.
How do you care for some of the most iconic costumes in film history? Ransom Center Curator of Film Steve Wilson leads a discussion on the preservation of Gone With The Wind costumes, including the green curtain dress and burgundy ball gown, with independent textile conservator Cara Varnell, Ransom Center Assistant Curator of Costumes and Personal Effects Jill Morena, and independent scholar Nicole Villarreal. Enjoy a closer look at the Gone With The Wind costumes with extended gallery hours until 9 p.m. All La Senora members who can travel to Austin for this exhibition and costumes discussion will find it fascinating. Empresario and Conservadore and above Patron Level Members may request accommodations from La Senora's local Austin residence space. 


Event: Gone With The Wind (1939) SCREENING

Date: DECEMBER 15, 7 P.M.


The Paramount Theatre commemorates the 75th anniversary of the December 15, 1939, premiere of Gone With The Wind. Tickets required and may be purchased online, by phone at 512-474-1221, or at the Paramount's box office.

 It is appropriate that this screening will be taking place in the art deco Paramount Theater, built in 1915 (as the Majestic) and remodeled in 1930 (renamed the Paramount.)  It is a listed National Register of Historic Places.  The Paramount is both a cinema and live theater performance center. For those interested in the film legacies of La Senora's history, this is a can't miss event.  For Conservadore Members, La Senora is offering reservations service at a luxurious Austin estate.