2012 Events

Event: American Tango Lessons with Tony (Historic Mojica Hacienda) 
January 19 7:00:00 PM
Please join La Senora Research Institute's own American Tango group for our first lesson of 2012. Instructor: Tony Munoz / Style: American Tango. Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Event: Zipper Hall Solo Recital- Danielle Belen
February 26 3:00:00 PM
Featuring Colburn School faculty member Danielle Belen in works by Kodaly, Strauss, Dillon and more. Special guests cellist Abraham Feder and pianist Sarkis Baltaian Zipper Hall Colburn School 200 S. Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012

Event: Noir Afloat Lecture at The Annenberg Beach House
March 3 4:00:00 PM
Noted historian Ernest Marquez is indeed a "Santa Monica Treasure" . A co-founding Director of La Senora Research Institute, he also serves as its resident Historian. Author of several pictorial histories of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, his latest book "Noir Afloat" tells the tale of the notorious 1930s Gambling Ships in Santa Monica Harbor. Hosted by Santa Monica Conservancy.

Santa Monica Symphony
March 10. This is a free concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. La Senora has reserved seating for a small group of people. 

Event: Colburn School: Danielle Belen & Young Artists
March 15 7:00:00 PM
Description: Once again we begin La Senora's Music Season with the thrill of presenting young artists (the youngest -- already a violin virtuoso who has performed at Carnagie Hall -- is 9 years old). Danielle Belen herself a master performer on concert stages, has chosen to serve on the Faculty of The Colburn School (also known as the Julliard of the West) where she tutors (among others) these talented prodigies:

Jeffrey Meyers, Violin
Kevin Miura, Violin
The Angeles Piano Trio
Kristina Zlatareva -violin,
JiSun Jung - cello,
JiaYing Dong, piano 
Ms Belen, Violin

Patron Event: The Westerners - Maps
April 13. La Senora's Historian, Ernest Marquez, is a long time member of The Westerners. The talk on the 13th by William Warren is focused on maps. The Ernest Marquez Collection of Maps is being studied by La Senora's Fellow - Wendy Teeter, Curator of UCLA's Fowler Museum of Archaeology.

Event: Annual Rancho History & Cemetery GPR 2012
April 25 
As part of the innovative education program that won La Senora and the Cotsen Institute the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation education, we will welcome 4th graders from Marquez and St. Monica's Elementary Schools to the Mojica Hacienda to learn about life on an 1839 Mexican Rancho. After visiting with La Senora's Historian, a direct descendant of the Rancho grantees, they will visit theRancho Chapel to learn about death and burials at distant outposts in the 1800s. The lectures having been a way to get the students 'introduced' to the Rancho ancestors buried in the historic cemetery, the students will move to the Cemetery to use ground penetrating radar to 'discover' the exact locations of the now unmarked graves of the people they've been learning about. The 9th grade Earth Sciences class from Washington High School will also visit the Hacienda for the lectures and the Cemetery for the GPR.  

Fowler Museum of Archeology
May 3. Join this small group tour of the Fowler Museum of Archeology. Here we will find curators and researchers from UCLA's Cotsen Institute of Archeology and the Getty Conservation Program displaying and talking about their most recent 'finds' or the ever-evolving methods that are enhancing today's ability to preserve artifacts or discover their secrets using non invasive technologies.

La Senora members, neighbors and school children interested in the cultural history of our Santa Monica Canyon have benefitted from a very close working relationship with the Cotsen ever since La Senora gathered a Cotsen/Getty/GeoArcheological Labs team for a project which won the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation.

Apasionado Level Patron Event: Concert
May 27. La Senora's collaborative work with DaCamera's Music in Historic Places has taken our members to exquisite performances in culturally significant settings. Through the generosity of both parties in this relationship, La Senora is the periodic recipient of Patron donated tickets to a few concerts each Season. During Memorial Day Weekend, DaCamera's concert will be at the home of one of La Senora's members.

Celebrate Glen Dawson's 100th Birthday
June 2. Our members who have received invitations to Antiquarian Book Seller, Glen Dawson's, 100th Birthday party will meet at La Senora at 11 am if they wish to car pool to Pasadena to the University Club Luncheon. We will plan to arrive promptly as over 200 guests are expected. Glen Dawson's exploits as a rock climber (the mountain was there so he climbed it) a trainer of the 10th Mountain Division fighting in Italy in WWII, a man who knew as a young boy that his only career in life would be as a bookseller, is also a visionary whose life today remains guided by hope, empathy, creativity and persistence.

Conservadore Members: Feathered Serpent Exhibition
June 4. La Senora members attending this lecture tour will meet at La Senora at 4:30 p.m. We will join the Cotsen Director's Council and travel with them to the Exhibition. The co-curator of LACMA's Quezecoatl Exhibition, Dr. John Pohl is an associate of La Senora as well as being a Cotsen Research Associate. Our Patron Members still talk about the extraordinary and insightful sharing by Dr. Pohl when he led us through The Getty Villa's Aztec Exhibition for which he was also the co-curator and he was the author of the Aztec Exhibition Book. 

Patron Event: Empresario Members Music Appreciation with Alan Chapman
June 6. This is an invitational event for Empresario, Conservadore and Apasionado level supporters of La Senora. The program is an 'exceptional gift' to those members -- if you haven't experienced a music appreciation class with Alan Chapman (aka the voice of classical KUSC) then you haven't really heard the music with an understanding of the composer and influences behind it.

So. Cal. Genealogical Jamboree
June 8
Each year the SCGS holds a Jamboree in Burbank.  This event has a free admission to its exhibit hall and some lectures.  It also has workshops for which you would need to sign up.  La Senora members have attended this Jamboree each year and the reports are always "I learned so much!".  If you are interested in tracing your family history, this event is a MUST. 

Patron Event: Premiere of KickStarter iPalpiti Composition
June 15. This is an invitational event to our Conservadore and Apasionado Level supporting members of La Senora. Patrons of La Senora contributed to the KickStarter project that generated the support for this newly written musical work.

An Afternoon Tea & Lecture in an Historic Residence
July 8. Join us in the historic Byers Mexican Casa. Space is Limited.

California Casas Book Signing and Wine Tasting
August 19 La Senora Members $45 / Non Members $50

Annual Tango Concert 2012
August 25. Come enjoy Alan's Argentine Quintet - when moved by the music go into the moonlit gardens to dance the Tango. Our special guest this year, Nano Marino, Tiempo Tango's bandoneon player extraordinaire, comes to us from Buenos Aires. Again this year La Senora's Tango Club will be learning about the history of Tango and enough of the basic movements to enjoy dancing on the 25th.

Rowing into History
Sept. 8. This program for archaeologists is part of La Senora's collaborative efforts with other historic institutions to bring unusual programming to our members and our academics.  La Senora's 2012-2013 Season offers a rich variety of such programs. Dr. Teri Brewer, Coordinating Fellow of La Senora's Academic Fellows Board, is one of five individuals participating in a unique "longboat" rowing tour of San Diego Bay next week. Organized by San Diego County Archaeological Society (SDCAS) and the San Diego Maritime Museum, this interpretive tour is part of a 2012 San Diego County program on maritime archaeology.

King Gillette Ranch - Private Tour
Sept. 29
As part of La Senora's cultural heritage education programs, some of our Academic Fellows focus on introducing La Senora Friends to the culture of the lands in which we reside from Santa  Barbara nestled into the Sierra Madre through the  Monica Mountains to San Diago and encompassing the Channel island and Catalina.   It is within these lands that we find the history that preceded our Community. This is a very special opportunity with two highly skilled cultural interpretors as the leaders.

LA as Subject Archives Fest
October 27
Join La Senora at USC's Doheny Library for the annual LA as Subject Archives Fest. Begun as part of a Getty research project to identify 'pockets of hidden archives' throughout Los Angeles, the Archives Exhibit has grown from 25 founding organizations to over 100 exhibitors and a program of fascinating lecturers on the kinds of things that make LA the wonderful, unique, evolving community in which we thrive.

"Westside Chronicles" Book Launch Party
November 4th 
A Sunday afternoon talk by Jan Loomis, Archivist of the Santa Monica Land and Water Company records (spanning 100 years of our history and covering SMLW's development of the Rancho lands from Westwood through the Palisades. Make your reservation now as seating will be limited so Jan can use the theater projection systems for screening photos 'along the timeline' of our history. La Senora's Historian, Ernest Marquez will also be on hand to sign your copies of Noir Afloat.....which recently won a book award from The Westerners!

Las Posadas at the Autry Museum
December 16
La Senora takes great pleasure in collaborating with the Autry Museum to bring our members and guests interesting, informative and entertaining programs for the whole family. Las Posadas (literally the songs of Christmas) will be heard this year at the Autry from 4:00-6:00 p.m.